Our Curriculum Intent

Our Christian Vision:

Austrey and Newton Regis Church of England Schools are small schools at the heart of their rural communities. They have a living Christian foundation that follows the teaching and example of Jesus who reached out in love and drew in everyone, whatever their status or struggles, beliefs or views.   Created to be like God, we are all individual, different, and precious. As school families,we treat everyone with dignity, seeing each person as a vital stroke in the creation of the masterpiece which is our school community. We love and welcome everyone, supporting them in the ups and downs of life and giving them hope for a bright future in their lives and learning. Living like Jesus, we think and act with generous and forgiving hearts in the strategic and day to day life of the schools, so that everyone can flourish. Trusting in God and the teaching of the bible, we are building a culture of trust in which everyone can feel safe; confident that their spiritual, emotional and academic needs will be met and that their uniqueness will contribute to the unity and wholeness of Newton Regis and Austrey Church of England Primary Schools.

Curriculum Statement:

At Austrey CE Primary School we take pride in providing a knowledge-rich curriculum that is inclusive and equitable, celebrates diversity and is relevant to our school: preparing children for the fullness of life in an ever-changing world.

Our values:

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Here at Austrey C of E Primary School we follow the National Curriculum (2014). Our curriculum develops a rich and deep subject knowledge as well as new skills through a variety of interesting contexts and allows children to develop self esteem and confidence in their abilities. Enrichment permeates through our curriculum and is available to all pupils through the use of visits, visitors, good curricular links and out of school activities.

Ofsted (2018) stated that “our curriculum provided pupils with a wide range of interesting learning opportunities, which are enhanced by visitors coming into school.  For example, pupils visited the Hippodrome theatre and had a visit from the animal man. Pupils enjoy talking about practical activities that they have enjoyed such as making their own models.”