Please remember that for the safety of all children the following age limits apply for social media apps.

July 2022 – SNAPCHAT

Useful Websites for Parents, Carers and Children

For parents and carers, the following websites provide relevant and useful information about Internet Safety:

Parent Zone

The area of the Parent Zone website that’s just for parents.  Here, you can discover all our projects for families to help them meet the challenges of the digital age.


The “Thinkuknow” website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. You may have seen some of their video clips on National TV recently. There’s a lot of information here for both children and adults –parents even have their own area of the site.




The Kid Smart website is a brilliant resource for learning about e-safety. It has lots of top tips on issues such as social networking and online gaming. It is aimed at children in Key Stage 2 but also has advice for parents and carers.

This website provides lots of links to useful websites relating to e-safety for parents and carers.

BBC Staysafe
This site has lots of useful advice and quizzes for children to take part in.

Click on the icon opposite to follow the SMART crew in their quest and help them make smart online decisions.

Thinkuknow Cybercafe
Click on Dongle the Rabbit to visit his pages where your child can take an e-safety quiz, learn an e-safety song or download the e-safety rules screen saver (with an adults permission). https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

Hector’s Safety Button
Click the link to download Hector’s Safety Button. This is useful resource to have at home because if your child sees something that makes them feel confused or scared when using the computer, they can click on Hector (or one of his friends) to cover the screen while they get some help.

Find the information here: https://saferinternet.org.uk/online-issue/coerced- online-child-sexual abuse

The NSPCC have written guidance on how to approach your child about their use of the internet in a non-accusatory way. Please click here for this guidance.